emily molloy







May 23rd, Kings Cafe, Root Dwellers Showcase w/Nasti Weather, Vancouver BC

Feb 28th, The Portside Pub, Red Truck Brewing Concert Series, Vancouver BC

Jan 25th, Lanalouā€™s, w/Beastie and Zombie Cookout, Vancouver BC

Jan 11th, The Heatley, w/Alexandra Staseson and Mary Matheson, Vancouver BC

Jan 1st, Private Function, Whistler

Past gigs 2018:

June 1st, Lanalou's, w/ R.D. Cane and Skeeter and the Deets, Vancouver BC

May 21st, Whistler Town Plaza, Whistler BC

May 11, Private Event at Nobody Records, Toronto ON

May 9th, C'est What w/ Old Soul Rebel, Toronto ON

May 7th to 13th, Canadian Music Week, Toronto ON

May 3rd, The Heatley w/ Alexandra and the Fellas, and Kyle Vaughn, Vancouver BC

April 19th, Knotty Burl, Squamish BC

March 17th, Princeton Pub, Vancouver BC

March 10, MYAC, Whistler BC

March 8, MYAC, Whistler BC

Feb 24, Lanalou's, Vancouver BC

Feb 22, Crystal Lounge,Whistler BC

Feb 16, Cafe NELA, Los Angeles CA

Feb 15, Silverlake Lounge, Los Angeles CA





Dec 19th 2015- Crystal Lounge, Whistler
Dec 21- Crystal Lounge, Whistler
Dec 23- The Ruddy Duck
Dec 31- Britannia Beach Community Hall, New years Eve Party w/Corrina Keeling and The Will Ross Band
Jan 6th 2016- The Ruddy Duck Bar & Grill
Jan 8th- Match Casino w/ The Will Ross Band
Jan 9th- The Red Room, Vancouver
Jan 13th- The Ruddy Duck
Jan 15th- Whistler Brewing Company (early show, 6-9)
Jan 15th- Pemby The Prospect Pub At The Pemberton Hotel
Jan 20th, The Ruddy Duck
Jan 26th- The Roxy, Vancouver
Jan 27- The Ruddy Duck
Feb 3- The Ruddy Duck
Feb 6th- Match Squamish Chances
March 11- Howe Sound Brewing Company
March 28, WSSF, Whistler BC

April 1- El Cid, Hollywood, California

April 3rd- Pig n Whistle, Hollywood, California
June 17 Private event, Squamish BC
June 18 Howe Sound Brewpub w/The Will Ross Band, 
June 19th, Buffalo Bills
June 20 The Crystal Lounge, Whistler BC
June 21 Brickworks, Whistler BC
June 25 Blackcomb Gondola w/ Will Ross, Whistler BC
June 26 Whistler Town Gazebo, Whistler BC
July 1 Canada Day, Squamish BC
July 1-3 New Leaf Festival, Pemberton BC
July 15-17 Rise and Shine Camp, Pemberton Music Festival, Pemberton BC
July 21-23 Blessed Coast w/ The Will Ross Band, Squamish BC
July 23 LanaLou's w/ Muddy Goats and Frankie and Jimmy, Vancouver BC
July 28 Apres Lounge w/Meaghan M @ 101.5 Whistler FM, 3pm, Whistler July 28 Brickworks Public House, Whistler BC
July 30 Dusty's Bar and Grill w/ The Will Ross Band, Whistler BC
Aug 1 Crystal Lounge, Whistler BC
Aug 5 Whistler Town Gazebo,12-4pm, Whistler BC
Aug 5 The Knotty Burl w/The Will Ross Band, Squamish BC
Aug 6 Whistler Town Gazebo, 12-4pm, Whistler BC
Aug 8th- Crystal Lounge, Whis
Aug 9th- Studio Vostok, Vancity
Aug 14 Crankworks Afterparty @ Buffalo Bill's w/The Will Ross Band, Whistler
Aug 18th, Cafe Deux Soliel, 
Sept 15th- Beacon Pub, Whis (with Jim Webb of the Showponies)
Sept 6, The Brasserie, with the Showponies
Sept 17- Rolands Pub, with the Showponies
Sept 18th- Copper Coil, Squamish
Sept 20th, The Brasserie, with Showponies
Sept 22nd, Lanalous, with Marina and the Specks, and No Mothers, Vancouver
Sept 23-25 Jack's Pub w/ WRB, Tofino, 
October 22nd, Kootaney co-op radio guest, Nelson
October 24th, The Royal, Nelson
Nov 5th, Cafe Deux Soliels, Van
Nov 9th, Copper Coil, Squamish
Nov 10, Cafe Deux Soliels, Vancouver
Nov 17th, Cafe Deux Soliels, Vancouver
Nov 18th, Whistler Brewing Company, Whistler
Nov 24th, Brickworks, Whistler
Nov 25th, CiTR radio guest, Vancouver
Dec 2, Blacks Pub, Whistler
Dec 15th, Brickworks, Whistler
Dec 17th, The Knotty Burl, Squamish
Dec 20th, Firerock Lounge, Whistler
Dec 23rd, Whistler Brewing Company, Whistler
Dec 29th, The Barred Owl, Squamish
Dec 31, The Mexican Corner, Whistler
Jan 9th 2017, Crystal Lounge, Whistler
Jan 27th, Cafe Deux Soliels, Vancouver
Feb 4th-10, In Studio recording second album
Feb 17th- Copper Coil, Squamish
Feb 20, Crystal Lounge, Whistler
Feb 21- Brickworks, Whistler
Feb 24th- Whistler Brewing Company, Whistler
March 18th, Crystal Lounge, Whistler

June 9 Whistler Brewing Company, Whistler BC

June 11- Private Event, Whistler BC

June 15th - Crystal Lounge, Whistler BC

June 23rd- Private Event, Whistler BC

June 29th- Brickworks, Whistler BC

July 1st- Blacks Pub, Whistler BC

July 3rd- Crystal Lounge, Whistler BC

July 9th- The Point, Whistler BC

July 10th-Crystal Lounge, Whistler BC

July 15th- Whistler Town Plaza, Whistler BC

July 22- Private Wedding, Whistler BC

July 27th- Brickworks, Whistler BC

August 4-6 - Rockin' River Fest, Merritt BC

August 7th- Squamish Family Day w/ Will Ross Band

August 10th- Crystal Lounge, Whistler BC

Aug 11th- Black's Pub, Whistler BC

Aug 13th, Easy Street Palooza, Whistler BC

Aug 15th- Canadian Citizenship Ceremony, Whistler BC

Aug 19th- Big Sky Golf Club, Pemberton BC

Aug 25- Black's Pub w/ Em and the Dirty Boys

Aug 26th- Arts Whistler w/ Em and the Dirty Boys

Aug 27th- Arts Whistler w/Em and the Dirty Boys

Aug 29th- Brickworks, Whistler BC

Sept 1st- Big Sky Golf Club, Whistler BC

Sept 8th, Huron Club, Collingwood ONT

Sept 12th, House concert w/Side Door, Alliston ON

Sept 15th, Gussapalooza, Newmarket ON

Sept 16th, Gussapalooza, Newmarket ON

Sept 18th, Bar de Courcelle, w/ Joshua Wood, Montreal, QC

Sept 19th, The Piston, w/ Joshua Wood, Marco Cortese, Stevie Ford, Toronto, ONT

Sept 22- Big Sky Golf Club, Pemberton BC

Sept 22, Black's Pub, Whistler BC

Sept 24- Whistler Local's Music Festival, Whistler BC

Sept 29th, Big Sky Golf Club, Pemberton BC

Oct 7th, Big Sky Golf Club, Pemberton BC

Oct 27th, AWARE Fundraiser, SLCC, Whistler BC

Oct 31st, Private Function w/The Dead Boys, Birken BC

Nov 2nd, Brickworks, Whistler BC

Nov 3-5th, Woodstove Festival, Cumberland BC

Dec 7th, Crystal Lounge, Whistler BC

Dec 15th, Knotty Burl, Squamish BC

Dec 17th, Fire and Ice, Whistler BC

Dec 24th, Fire and Ice, Whistler BC

Feb 2, 2018 Crystal Lounge, Whistler BC