Based out of Vancouver/Whistler B.C, Emily Molloy is a rock and roll blues musician with a whole lot of soul.  Her debut album "Brave" was released in the summer of 2014. Emily will be releasing her second studio album with Jeff Zipp of "White Hart Studios" in the spring 2018.

Emily's music fuses traditional folk/acoustic styles with soul, rock and roll and grunge to bring you a raw and powerful sound. Her dynamic range of styles and music are sure to captivate any audience.

Past credits include:

Rockin' River Fest, Pemberton Music Festival, New Leaf Music Festival, Blessed Coast,

Invermere Music Festival, Winner of the 2015 Whistler Music Search, Finalist in Landmark Talent Search.

Collaborations include:

Rick Lopez, Painted Foxes, Benny FreeBound, Will Ross, Corrina Keeling, Scott Vigue, Old.Soul.Rebel, Russ Robson, Nino Cellela, Wes Coderre, Joshua Wood, Conrad Shynkar, Marco Cortese, Stevie Ford